Hi, I'm Brian. I build internet things.

Hella Music

Find music by artists around the world

Move the map to anywhere in the world and find music by artists from that area.


Google Maps API handles the mapping duties, Echonest JS API finds the artists, Rdio JS API plays the music.


DJ Wizard

Make an Rdio mix for your next party

DJ Wizard is a hack using the echonest js api and the rdio js api (currently in beta). A user adds one song at a time by searching via Rdio. After entering a set of up to 5 songs, the user chooses to add related songs, which creates a static playlist with the echonest api using the selected songs as the seed.


Rdio JS API for searching, playlist creating, and playback, Echonest JS API for finding similar songs.


Head Start

Find Oakland Head Start programs in your area

Oakland's Head Start program aims to foster social skills and school readiness in children from low-income families. This hack provides an interface for families to find Head Start programs in their area. An interactive map is provided along with options to filter programs by age range. Finally, a user can type in their address and quickly zoom in to see programs in their immediate area.

Aside from providing a simple, easy to use interface, special attention was paid to the ease of install of the app. Instructions are provided in the source code so that it can be deployed on any web server.


Data from Open Oakland is stored in a Google Fusion Table and accessed using the Google Maps API.